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BBC Bitesize Up In The Morning Early

A bonny wee animation of Robbie Burns poem created for KS2 primary pupils.

The Challenge

We were called on to help support BBC bitesize in promoting connected learning in Ulster-Scots culture, heritage and language. Our task was to create a video animation on Robert Burns’ famous poem ‘Up in the Early Morning’ for a primary school audience (8–11-year-olds.) The poem is about a young person who decides that early winter mornings are ‘no for me’ – a snug bed is far more inviting!

The Execution

Using the narrator’s voice as our main character, we enlisted the help of Year 5 pupil Reuben. His Ulster-Scots dialect authentically brings the stanzas to life.


We went for a bright and engaging animation style to captivates our audience. The character is wrapped up cosy, looking out from his bedroom window at the frozen world outside. He hears the wind howling and the blackbirds singing as their father attempts to clear a path in the snow. We discovered that the poem was first written as lyrics to a Scottish Air. So, we sourced the original melody and recorded the haunting tune to accompany the whistling winter wind

We battled against snow and ‘founderin’ weather to make sure the piece was ready in time for Burns Night. Then back to bed!