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Ulster University Transformational impact

Taking a fresh look at a famous institution

The Challenge

In 2014, AV Browne won the contract to develop a brand strategy and the creative development of corporate brand services for Ulster University.

The Approach

Our brand design team set out to create a brand that would have a transformational impact. It had to have the flexibility to work in a broad range of formal and informal communication contexts. It needed to resonate with potential students in an increasingly competitive environment and satisfy competing internal and external agendas.

The Execution

As a brand management agency, we like to start from a position of knowledge. We conducted a series of site visits, workshops, audits and tests. We wanted a comprehensive overview of the opinions and needs of the university’s various stakeholders – staff, students, economic and social partners, and the general public. We responded to their input with a brand that lets the university’s many constituents speak with one voice.

The Results

Ulster University’s new brand brings its many personalities to life, allowing it to communicate with many different audiences. It presents Ulster as the leading international university that it is.