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National Museums NI Tim Peake’s Spacecraft

A stellar exhibition touches down at Ulster Transport Museum

The Challenge

Very rarely do we get the chance to experience something truly out of this world, but in 2019 people could do just that as Tim Peak’s Spacecraft landed at the Ulster Transport Museum. Samsung and the Science Museum Group presented the Soyuz TMA-19M, the spacecraft that transported the UK’s first European Space Agency astronaut, Major Tim Peake, to and from the International Space Station. Visitors would get the opportunity to see this piece of spacefaring history up close – including the char marks on its outer body from re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere. This rare opportunity to see such a huge piece of space history (literally) was not to be missed. Our task was to encourage as many people as possible to see it.

The Approach

Working closely with Samsung, the Science Museum Group and the European Space Agency, we set off on our mission to promote this landmark exhibition coming to town.


5,4,3,2,1… we launched with radio partnerships fronted by mega space fan, Stephen Clements and an OOH campaign that literally flew around greater Belfast. It features the striking image of Major Tim Peake’s Soyuz capsule on bus t-sides (fitting for transport enthusiasts) as well as high-impact 48 sheet sites.


Our campaign was also digital, running across Facebook and Instagram. We created interest in the spacecraft’s arrival and gave our audience fun and unusual facts about Major Tim’s time in space to encourage visitation over the course of the exhibition. We would also remind them about their final chance to visit before it took flight once again!

The Execution

There was no question that the iconic image of Tim Peak’s scorched Soyuz would be the hero of our campaign. Taking centre stage across large formats and our social campaign we would whet our audience’s appetite for the very vessel they would have the chance to see up close in the Ulster Transport Museum.

The exhibition was jam-packed with interactive experiences for the whole family, including the Space Descent VR. This was a unique opportunity to step into the shoes of Tim Peak ad experience his historic 250-mile return voyage to Earth from the International Space Station. We teased out snippets of this across social, encouraging our audience to book ahead for the best experience.


Space, the great unknown – but not for our audience! Our social campaign included lots of interesting facts about the UK astronauts great adventure, encouraging them to visit the exhibition and find out more.

The Results

People came in droves to see Tim Peake’s Spacecraft, with almost 65,000 visitors attending the Ulster Transport Museum over the course of the exhibition. Interaction with the campaign was well above the benchmark. We reached almost 450,000 people on social media, where they viewed 65,800 minutes of video. These videos were so compelling that almost 88% of viewers watched them all the way through.


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