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Linwoods This is real healthy

A health-food brand that gets real.

The Challenge

Linwoods have been producing organic milled seed, nut and berry blends for more than twenty years. Health-conscious consumers swear by the nutritional benefits of sprinkling Linwoods on their breakfast cereal, lunchtime salads, soups and more. These blends are bursting with Omega-3, iron and a whole host of vitamins and minerals that are essential for good health.


Linwoods were battling a misconception that their beloved blends were just for clean eaters and gym junkies, when in fact their convenient nutrition-boosters are designed and perfectly packaged for anyone to enjoy. They turned to us to help shift perceptions of Linwoods from a supplement for the health-conscious to a health boost that everyone can easily add to anything.

The Approach

As always, we began with research, identifying consumers who are looking for easy ways to bring better health to their lives, but who are too busy with the fast-paced everyday to do anything too demanding or time-consuming. Consumers who are eye-rolling and more than a little fed-up with the healthy fads and endless buzzwords. Wouldn’t it be refreshing if a health food brand took a more empathetic, realistic and down-to-earth approach?


We set out to reach this audience by proving that Linwoods understand that modern day wellness all about balance.


We wanted consumers to see Linwoods as a brand that was on their side. Rather than preaching good health, Linwoods was in the trenches with them — offering an instant, easy, effortless boost of goodness.

The Execution

Our social feeds are full of fitspo images — the gym selfies and calorie-free, fun-free salads that simply don’t reflect reality. Our creative approach asked “what does ‘healthy’ really look like?” and then sought to answer that question with a series of colourful and quirky illustrations that depicted real people eating Linwoods in real situations.


We playfully examined the alternative reality of popular healthy buzzwords to show what real healthy is. How lots of us don ‘jogging bottoms’ with zero intention whatsoever of going jogging. How it can be just as therapeutic to ‘Mediate’ on the sofa with a bowl of pasta and how many of us find ourselves more ‘Mind Full’ than ‘Mindful’.

Each of these scenarios feel refreshingly true to real world. And that’s exactly where Linwoods lives. Despite the daily demands on our attention, Linwoods lets us tend to our health by offering excellent nutrition in a convenient way. Everyone can embrace a healthy balance with Linwoods.