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Deloitte The Future of Work

A recruitment campaign with the aim of attracting new talent by overturning some of the beliefs about their brand, and explaining how the future of work with Deloitte might look.

The Challenge

Deloitte Belfast is looking to the future for their workforce – so we were tasked with producing a brand-focused recruitment campaign to seek out future-ready, future employees for them. Our first question was, what does the future look like? AI, VR, robotics, gig economy, augmented workforce? Where could we get the inside track?

The Approach

We always start with insight. We sought out some ‘future experts’ – kids in primary school and early high school – and quizzed them on what they thought the future looked like. Then our team helped Deloitte re-imagine what was possible.


Driven by the experts’ free thinking, we were forced to reconsider how jobs are designed and to take learnings for the future. Then we helped Deloitte to show their future colleagues, and the public, what the world of tomorrow might look like by making our experts’ visions real.

The Execution

We filmed our experts explaining their ideas and created videos that married the real world with animation. These clips were interleaved with actual Deloitte Belfast employees explaining how their teams are making change for a better future.


Finally, we brought these ideas to life and took over a bus stop in the centre of Belfast to deliver a fun and exciting augmented reality experience. Perceptions of Deloitte’s employer brand was catapulted into the future.