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Hastings Hotels The Doorman & The Duck

Hastings festive fable is a real Christmas Quacker

The Challenge

With every advertiser clamouring for attention, and many retailers pouring their entire annual budget into their Christmas spectaculars, we wanted to create a real point of difference and warm hearts for our Hasting Hotels client – while still meeting their commercial objectives.


Over the last number of years, we’ve had great success with their Christmas gift card campaign but it was time for a new direction … so what next?

The Approach

Everyone in Northern Ireland is familiar with the iconic suite of Hastings Hotels, from the historic Ballygally Castle on the Causeway Coastal Route and the city centre icon of the Europa, to the brand new Grand Central Hotel in Belfast. Each of the seven hotels has a very different location, personality and design – but there’s one small (and very cute) thing that they all have in common. The Hastings duck.


The little collectable rubber ducky is found in every Hastings hotel bathroom, and loves to dress up – sometimes in a top hat and tails, sometimes as Santa Claus… he’s even had Rory QuackIlroy and Duck of Thrones incarnations. But few people knew the real story behind the Hastings duck, and as Christmas is a time of wonder and storytelling, we decided to tell the tale….

The Execution

We developed a script, storyboard and central characters to faithfully retell the legend of the Doorman and the Duck. And after some lengthy duck ‘auditions’, we shot our fairytale on location at the Europa Hotel.


After a few early mornings of filming, a late night or two of editing and a LOT of “aww’s” as our duck got fluffier and fluffier, the Hastings fable of the Duck and the Doorman had come to life.

The Campaign

You’ll see the full tale throughout the island of Ireland this festive season on TV, digital, radio, print and OOH, but if you want to know right now, watch on …