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Mid & East Antrim Shaped by Sea & Stone

A new brand platform, integrated marketing and communications plan, and digital content strategy for Mid & East Antrim.

The Challenge

It’s often the undiscovered and under-appreciated places that make the best destinations. It’s in these places that you’ll find the real spirit of a region – nothing put on, nothing pretentious, nothing so packed out with people that you spend all your time in queues. Instead, you have the time and space to discover at your own pace, in your own way. You find the special things – the stories, the people, the food, the pubs, the landscapes, and the history – those hidden gems that make a holiday unforgettably unique.

The Approach

Around every corner in Mid & East Antrim is a building filled with history, a shoreline to take the breath away, and passionate, creative people that live in harmony with the land and sea.


This is a region of spirit and soulfulness, that celebrates its traditions while welcoming the future. A place that has been shaped by sea and stone – from its areas of outstanding natural beauty to its major seaports, from busy market towns to its breathtaking coastal road, the towering Norman walls of Carrickfergus Castle to the lush Glens of Antrim.

Brand identity


It was clear that we had plenty to work with. Our new identity for the region drew on its rich and fertile imagery and the stories people told us – a land Shaped by Sea and Stone. We set out to create a new identity, tone of voice, a suite of fonts and a consistent approach to imagery.

The Execution

These building blocks were just the beginning. We wanted to get under the skin of Mid & East Antrim, so we set out to collect stories from the people who call this region home and welcome visitors to explore it. Our content would reflect the living lore and legend that makes this place so special. It would live in visitor guides, online, on social and on outdoor.

Our approach was to create everything from scratch – from capturing stunning drone footage of the landscape and the natural beauty of the region. We crafted editorials and paired them with intimate portraits of the locals.

We had two big objectives when planning Mid & East Antrim’s new destination website – to launch the region’s new brand and to provide a resource for tourists looking to explore the region.


We created a new website structure and page hierarchy through initial concepting, sketching and wire-framing. We put our concepts through user testing and developed a final user interface. The result was a bespoke website built on Drupal - an open-source content management system. We chose this system because it would allow us to deliver on all the project's key requirements - and more - on a stable, secure and meticulously-tested platform.