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BBC Bitesize Post Primary Transition

Being home alone. The dog next door. Monsters under the bed. Kids can experience fear at any age, and often, those fears are a normal part of their development. In this series of animated shorts for the BBC, we tackled little fears about big school.

The Challenge

The BBC Bitesize NI team commissioned us to create 5 short animations that would help explain and provide reassurance to Year 7 pupils the process of transition from Primary to the Secondary school.

The Execution

We recognised that leaving the familiarity of primary school and moving to secondary can be stressful transition period in a child’s life, and that it could create a negative lasting impact on their social and emotional wellbeing if handled insensitively or not addressed at all.


It was important for us therefore to create engaging videos that resonated with the audience. So we took our direction and learnings from those most experience and to whom our P7’s would listen to the most.  Their Year 8 peers. We went to a range of schools across Northern Ireland, and asked Year 8 pupils all about their experiences. We recorded what they divulged about their pre-conceptions, their fears, worries and what their experience was really like, their coping strategies and advice.  Only then did we create the storyboards and added animation to their voices.

Our animated classroom of student and teacher characters added a touch of humour and helped put big and little concerns to bed, without potentially patronizing or unconvincing voices from adults or teachers. The reassurance that this blend of real voices and expression, combined with much-needed levity through the animation, gave pupils comfort and encouragement that everything was going to be ok.