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Moy Park Marvellous Taste Tour

Moy Park's gold-crumbed, crispy-coated chicken creations are extraordinary on every level. They wanted everyone to experience their masterfully crafted, marvellously tasty chicken — created by passionate chefs, easy to prepare and bursting with flavour.

The Challenge

Moy Park is all about taste. They challenged us to communicate this most evocative of senses and to make sure that Moy Park became synonymous with the best-tasting poultry products in the land.

The Approach

We needed to awaken the hunger pangs by communicating a crispy, crunchy, juicy, tangy, spicy taste explosion through a suite of advertising material and on-the-ground experiences.


We wanted to make sure that consumers could really sense the deliciousness through mouth-watering photography that captured a full-flavour taste experience and unmissable headlines that communicated nom-nom-nomable scrumptiousness.

The Execution

We all know that breaded chicken is super easy to prepare. Just bang it in the oven. Done! But a focus on convenience undersells just how marvellously tasty it is too. We wanted to bring that flavour to life through a campaign that used sight and sound to mimic taste and smell.


That called for stunning product photography — juicy cuts of chicken, encased in golden bread crumbs and spices, falling through space. Fresh garlic cloves, rings of red onion and green chilis tumble after.


We wanted to be sure that everyone knew this was the tastiest chicken around. There are no harsher critics than the kids, or our Marvellous Mini Tasters, as we like to call them. Moy Park passed the taste test with flying colours. Who knew nuggets and goujons could be such fun and drive such thought-provoking conversations?

The Taste Tour

The Moy Park Marvellous Chicken Roadtrip saw the Moy Park food truck zoom the length and breadth of Ireland seeking chicken lovers to give their verdict. We packaged up their responses and spread the word on social media.