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National Trust Little Rangers. Big Missions.

Encouraging kids to ditch the screen & get into nature.

The Challenge

National Trust wanted to make sure that families make the most of Northern Ireland’s most gorgeous places. They turned to AV Browne to help them. Our campaign centred on Little Rangers – kids who love to explore nature and support National Trust’s mission of protecting beautiful places forever, for everyone

The Approach

We engaged Little Rangers through a content marketing press partnership with NI4Kids, wrapping the June edition in a cover that evoked a naturalist’s field notes.

The Execution

Little Rangers were invited to take on Big Missions, like discovering the mini beasts that live in ponds, or spotting the rare red squirrels that find refuge in National Trust places.


We deployed all our skills as a marketing agency – targeting our Little Rangers (and Larger Rangers who look after them). We created an out-of-home, social media and radio campaign that centred on a day out with some Little Rangers who were only too happy to get in front of the camera.

The Results

The children’s antics captured the fun and laughter that being a Little Ranger is all about. There was also a serious side to this campaign, summed up in the July NI4Kids double-page spread. We demonstrated to kids that when they get involved at National Trust, they’re helping to protect important insect species that pollinate the plants that we rely on for food.

Our out-of-home campaign followed that lead, linking activities on site at National Trust properties to the essential work that National Trust does to protect the environment.


These messages were paired with images that capture the wonder of summer – enormous plants, fluttering insects and broad vistas just waiting to be explored.