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Truvia Life is Sweet

A social media solution that hits the sweet spot!

The Challenge

Truvia, the tasty, no-calorie sweetener wanted to help consumers make sense of their product in a crowded market of private label. Following the launch of a fresh new pack design, they wanted to reinforce the product’s health credentials and build the brand’s personality and resonance with their target audience.

Truvia turned to AV Browne to craft a campaign that would build awareness and create standout content to ultimately help customers chose Truvia on shelf. The campaign needed to tick a number of boxes in conveying the product benefit, its versatility, convenience and use as a healthier alternative to sugar to an increasingly confused consumer. Truvia’s aim was to empower their target audience and generate positivity around the product and sweet food choices.

The Approach

Our approach was informed by insight. We began by researching the target consumer on social channels – identifying their interests, habits and usage. Three distinctive groups stood out, allowing us to build bespoke social audiences and tailor our creative around their lifestyles, behaviours, likes and dislikes. We also examined Truvia’s competitors within the category and drew learnings to inform our overall creative and messaging strategy – we set out to create thumb-stopping moments across Truvia’s social channels.

The result was a creative approach that was impactful, with bold colours and engaging content that educated the audience with helpful product usage ideas, all in line with the key brand messages.

The Execution

We created a series of how-to videos for Facebook and Instagram in the flat lay style that users love – each one demonstrating a different way to use Truvia. Our short, punchy creative conveyed both the product’s benefits and the occasions for use so that our target audience could quickly and easily understand the Truvia brand, its product range and ideas for usage. The creative also reflected the topical trends that were highlighted from our audience research such as healthy food alternatives, on-trend recipes and eye-catching visuals that demanded attention.

The Results

The new suite of social media assets delivered a sweet treat! Reaching nearly 960,000 people who played it almost 2.5 million times, it achieved a 6.14% advertisement recall rate. Throughout the campaign, we had a lot of sweet moments allowing us to naturally grow our audience and continue to build an online community that still engages and shares delicious user generated content today.