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Historic Royal Palaces Hillsborough Castle and Gardens

Showcasing a space to stir and be stirred

The Challenge

Are you ready to start enjoying life’s simple pleasures again?


Hillsborough Castle & Gardens is a setting steeped in history with generations of stories to share. Like so many other beautiful places and spaces the global pandemic pressed pause on visitors but with the world re-opening, we were asked to help them begin their new chapter.


Our task was to help narrate this new tale, one which showed Northern Ireland’s royal residence as welcoming life and laughter back into its garden and grounds.


Our aim – to capture all our client’s splendid offerings, from Georgian Architecture to ornate gardens, tranquil woodland, and an award-winning café. The campaign needed to showcase Hillsborough Castle & Gardens as one re-awakening joy in the small things, a location to stir and be stirred – ultimately inspiring people to come experience it for themselves.

The Approach

To create a true sense of the simple pleasures waiting to be experienced at Hillsborough Castle & Gardens; we began by researching two distinctive target audiences, identifying their preferences and key drivers in wanting to visit a place such as Hillsborough Castle & Gardens. This allowed us to centre our creative and messaging strategy around three themes, each mirroring the audiences’ interests to meet the client’s aim of encouraging bookings.


The result – ‘Every Little Thing Made Wonder Full’. A creative campaign grounded in the idea of reawakening the senses to life’s most simple pleasures, we took an approach that was emotive in its use of imagery and sensory in its play on words. By showcasing the specific pleasures, relevant to our target audiences, we were able to drive awareness that there really is something wonderful for everyone to experience at Hillsborough Castle & Gardens.

The Execution

A Wes Anderson style approach to visuals, an ASMR take on sound, and an onomatopoeic selection for copy, we created a campaign that served up a royal feast for the senses. Comprising a range of media, including TV, Radio, Display and PPC, this creative combination kept the message of there being something wonderful for everyone to experience at the forefront.


From the ‘buzz’ of the bees in the gardens, to the ‘crunch” of that first bite of food, we produced a radio ad that vocalised these sensory elements, inviting our target audiences to stir their own senses by booking a visit. Our TV ad acted as a visual invitation, with energetic shots capturing the vibrancy and rich colours of the location.


These sensory and emotive elements were carried through to the execution of our social creatives. Developing both video and static assets, we caught the eyes of our target audiences by selecting shots and imagery to reflect the wonder on offer.

Conscious that many scroll through social media without their volume on, we employed decorative and colourful language to mimic the sounds of the campaign. Overall, this strategic mix enabled us to keep in line with the tone of the radio and TV ads, tailoring our message to each audience segmentation, whilst allowing the overall campaign message to remain direct.

So, you there – perhaps it’s also time for you to experience Hillsborough Castle & Gardens for yourself. A place where every little thing, truly is, made wonder full.