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The International Harbour Masters Association Brand and website design

The International Harbour Masters Association was entering a new phase in its history and wanted to showcase its growing impact with a new brand, a new suite of assets and a refreshed website.

The Challenge

The IHMA is a global, professional association for those with responsibility for the safe secure, efficient and environmentally sound conduct of marine operations in port waters. It has members in more than 50 countries. However, their visual communications didn’t reflect the scale and importance of the organisation.

The Approach

We kicked off our new partnership with the IHMA by creating a new identity and a set of brand guidelines.


The previous logo and organisational branding caused legibility issues when used online and at reduced size, so we refreshed and simplified the design to make it fit for use on all platforms. We created a more vibrant colour palette, influenced by the IHMA’s heritage. This work helped to give the brand, and the new website, a more contemporary feel and visual impact.

The IHMA also required us to develop a range of new printed assets.

The Execution

The IHMA’s website also needed an overhaul. We began with an analytical review of the previous five years’ worth of user activity to better understand what interested users when they visited the site.


This research formed the basis of our content and user experience design. We had two main considerations when planning our visual approach to the new website – engage existing users to generate more return visits, and to encourage new members to sign up. Our initial concepting, sketching and wire-framing created a new website structure and page hierarchy that we put to user-testing. This feedback informed the design of the website’s final user interface.

The result? A completely bespoke website for the IHMA, built on Drupal – an open source content management system. We chose it because it would allow us to deliver on all the project’s key requirements – and more – on a stable, secure and meticulously-tested platform.

Our solution for is a simplified and user-friendly experience. It has improved aesthetics that uses full-screen imagery, vibrant colours, engaging iconography and an enhanced user interface (UI) that brings the content to life.