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CDE Global Bauma Munich 2019

Turning construction waste into real world value.

The Challenge

If you are not in the business of construction and demolition waste recycling, wet processing or sand and aggregates, you may not realise just how revolutionary Cookstown-based engineering company CDE Global are.


But as the world wakes up to the need for sustainability and renewables in all walks of life and business, CDE Global have been quietly but radically transforming their sector.


They have spent the last decade coming up with new technology and machine solutions to aide sustainability and the efficient recycling of perceived waste material throughout the construction and associated industries. They enable their customers to create value from products previously designated as waste, by taking construction and demolition material once destined for landfill, and washing and sorting this material through their machinery, into valuable, saleable resource. A New World of Resource as they call it.


One of the (literally) biggest projects we’ve worked on with them has been as part of their ComboTM machine launch at bauma 2019 in Munich, the world’s largest construction machinery trade fair.

The Approach

CDE operate in an extremely competitive industry, where the machine and customised client solutions are king. As plant (machine) launches are big events, where specifications are kept secret until launch, we needed to create awareness without showing the machine, but build excitement through the communication of machine benefits.


With bauma held just every three years in Munich, and a fiercely contested marketplace, it was extremely important for CDE Global to set themselves apart from their competitors.

Sustainability is of growing importance in this industry, and as CDE’s machines have been developed with the capability to contribute to both a healthier planet and healthier client business, they were able to use this to their advantage. Communicating this duality of purpose was key to our approach.

The Execution

The campaign execution focussed on pre and during event activity creating awareness for the soon to launch ComboTM. Via trade press, social media and media engagement we built anticipation pre-event by communicating the product’s unrivalled sand specification, the customer focused solution available, rapid installation and return on investment versus traditional processes. This modular technology would change the wet processing industry – we wanted customers to come to bauma and experience it for themselves.

During bauma, CDE not only wanted to show off and feed a sales pipeline for the new machine, they wanted to communicate their purpose – to ‘Unlock a New World of Resource’ for their customer (new and potential) and our planet. Our show collateral, albeit product leaflets, client case study portfolio books, video content and indeed stand design communicated the CDE purpose, positioning the ComboTM as the method to turning value into waste and unlocking a new world of resource.

The Results

bauma proved to be a resounding success for CDE, generating an impressive sales pipeline for the new ComboTM. Their presence at the show reinforced CDE’s global capacity and capability as we showcased some of CDE’s 2,000 global projects in 8 regions around the world. We used the show to successfully position CDE as being committed to and an active participant in the global sustainability debate, and as global operators working to solve some of the world’s most complex problems.