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Mid & East Antrim Borough Council A location to Staycation

The Challenge

This summer, thanks to remaining restrictions on international travel, many more of us sought holiday destinations a little closer to home. Enter… Mid & East Antrim.


From castles to coastal routes, and even areas of outstanding natural beauty, Mid & East Antrim is bursting with places to explore. With demand for staycations growing, the region was ready to step into this space, to become the destination of choice for domestic tourism, and we were tasked with helping them do just that.


Our aim, to capture Mid & East Antrim as a place to relax and rejuvenate, a region to explore, right on your doorstep. Our campaign sought to showcase the district as more than just a stop on the journey for domestic holiday makers this summer, but the journey’s end.

The Approach

To position Mid & East Antrim as a holiday destination in its own right; we began by identifying two priority target audiences within Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland’s domestic travel and tourism markets.


By exploring both segments, and the factors influencing the selection of holiday locations, we were able to build and drive destination awareness in a way that aligned with their individual interests – inviting our target audiences to actively seek out Mid & East Antrim as their destination of choice.


As part of our approach, we were careful to strike a balance between the tone of voice featured in Northern Ireland’s wider tourism brand, Discover NI & Embrace the Giant Spirit, and Mid & East Antrim’s own independent tourism brand for the region – Shaped by Sea and Stone. The result – ‘Find your Stay Here’. A simple, yet effective campaign message, it actively encouraged audiences to explore what’s on offer, aligning with over overarching aim to drive visits to the region.

The Execution

Our central message had given voice to the campaign, but we wanted to elevate Mid & East Antrim’s destination appeal by displaying the range of impressive landscapes it has to offer. From golden beaches to enchanted forests, we created a campaign that, on first glance, made a striking impact.


Actioning a strategic mix of visual formats, we showcased the breadth of Mid & East Antrim’s offerings. We executed a range of targeted media and accompanying assets that reflected opportunities for both day trips and short stays – ultimately inspiring target audiences to act and find their stay in the region.


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