Unifying the voice of Historic Environment

This project for Historic Environment saw us work with organisations from the National Trust to the Heritage Lottery Fund to unify and project the voice of Historic Environment in Northern Ireland to potential funders.

Heritage sites and historic building play a huge role in our society. They are immensely valuable both to our tourism industry and also to the health and well-being of our people.

The Department of Communities wanted to create a way of telling this story that was powerful and direct in order to attract funding and investment from both public and private sources. We were commissioned to consult with key stakeholders in the and bring their understanding and vision to a document that distilled the multiple perspectives of the sector to a single unified narrative that would represent the its unified voice. These players included the National Trust, the Ulster Architectural Heritage Society. Historic Royal Palaces, NI Environment Link, Belfast Buildings Trust, Heritage Trust Network, Heritage Lottery Fund as well as many individuals from different professions and interest groups.

This fascinating in-depth look into the workings and ambitions of the heritage sector was a complex and often politically sensitive process and our findings also had to be interwoven with a variety of desk research that helped us understand the broader worldwide thinking in the sector. The final document combines a final narrative with case studies that provide powerful local examples of good practice and a design sensibility that emphasises its contemporary and forward-thinking ideas.