Ulster Bank - Brand Recharge

We have a long history of working with Ulster Bank across Northern Ireland, but our latest work with them has seen some of the biggest bank repositioning here for years.

We worked closely with Ogilvy, who created the imagery and ATL campaign, and worked side by side with our Ulster Bank clients to make sure the online message engaged exactly with their audiences at exactly the right time. The new positioning is a clear message from Ulster Bank, that they're here to stay, and committed to meeting the needs of customers across the island of Ireland.

The creative concept shows that Ulster Bank isn't just there for the large moments in life – such as buying a house – but also the everyday moments. And that they can transform these moments large and small, which occur at some point for everyone, from moments of concern or worry, to moments of love and of joy.

We were responsible to developing the user journey across digital touch points - mapping out the user journey from display advertising, social, video content and ATL to the website. We also designed both the brand campaign website landing page and social content – as well as as branding all Ulster Bank social channels.

It was through this process that we came to propose and action living out the 'Help for What Matters' campaign line with the #WhatMatters digital hashtag.

With an extremely targeted social approach, and a complete end-to-end user map - we could measure the success of this campaign from beginning to end, measuring that in a time where banks have vast amounts of negativity, anger and confusion, it's this messaging that reinforces that bank's are made up of people too, and that these people, and the organisation as a whole in-fact care about the public and are there for what matters.

The campaign has had a really positive reception around Ireland as a whole, changing perceptions of the public and demonstrating the true values of Ulster Bank, and we are proud to work with such a progressive organisation.