The Naturo Change

Naturo sees dogs differently. To Naturo, dogs aren’t just pets – they’re a part of the family and they deserve the best.

It's this passion for the health and wellbeing of dogs that drives Naturo to create high quality pet foods, developed with leading nutritionists. All Naturo's products are 100% natural and hypoallergenic, containing no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

We worked with Naturo to shout about their natural, nutritious and delicious dog food in the South East of England, and increase sales in the process. The challenge was to achieve cut-through in a noisy marketplace that's dominated by multinational brands – and grab the attention of dog owners with specific nutritional needs for their dogs.

To achieve this, we created a series of videos called The Naturo Change: inviting six dog owners to swap their usual dog food brand for Naturo and monitor the changes in their dog's health and wellbeing.

We scoured England for a variety of pooches – a puppy, a senior dog, a fussy eater, a gluten-sensitive dog, one that has allergies and one with skin sensitivity – and carried out an initial shoot before sending them on their way with plenty of Naturo products.

Four weeks later, we caught up with the dogs and their owners once again to hear how they got on. The results were remarkable:

Scratchy patches disappeared, coats became shinier, mobility improved, and fussiness faded away. View the full range of videos.

To boost the audience of the videos and position Naturo as a trusted brand, we worked with three influential dog owner bloggers: Wag the Dog UK, TillytheWestie and Phileas Dogg, to create content which drove their many readers to the videos.

We're also posting regular social media updates with the hashtag '#NaturoChange' across Instagram and Twitter, and encouraging user generated content on Facebook through a competition.

This has proved hugely successful, with many dog owners posting positive examples of how Naturo has transformed their dog's health and wellbeing. These customer stories are so strong that they're forming the basis of phase two of the social media campaign – demonstrating how the 'Naturo change' has moved seamlessly from concept and into real life.