Sunblest stacks up taste, reduces sugar

Sunblest and AV Browne challenge you to ‘Believe your Tastebuds'

Every day, thousands of people across Northern Ireland tuck into a Sunblest pancake - famed for being light, fluffy, and delicious. While consumers love the taste, they are concerned about the amount of sugar in their overall diet. Allied Bakeries - the makers of Sunblest pancakes - were quick to respond.

Their consumer research showed that 77 per cent of consumers wanted to limit food and drink that's high in sugar. The answer was new Sunblest Reduced Sugar Pancakes, with 30% less sugar than the regular range.

"We developed an alternative pancake option, which doesn't compromise on taste or texture," said Eugene Wallace, national account manager at Allied Bakeries, speaking to The Irish News.

Allied Bakeries turned to AV Browne to spread the news about the new Sunblest pancakes. One bite told us all we needed to know—Sunblest Reduced Sugar Pancakes taste so good that you won't believe your taste buds. We decided to reassure consumers that their senses weren't deceiving them. Sunblest Reduced Sugar Pancakes really did taste just as good as always.

We created a suite of out-of-home, digital, and social media advertising that exhorted pancake lovers to 'Believe your Tastebuds'. We started with gorgeous food photography, highlighting just how versatile Sunblest pancakes can be—adorning them with honey, fruit and yoghurt.

Then we paired them with expressions of disbelief - “no way!' “seriously? “wow!" The face of our campaign is a woman beaming with joy. Her expression typifies the way we felt when we first tried Sunblest's new pancakes. The campaign was rolled out on billboards, AdShels, and newsfeeds across Northern Ireland.

Why not grab a pack of Sunblest Reduced Sugar Pancakes for yourself, and see if you believe your tastebuds?