Step into wonder

A world of Wonderstanding awaits at National Museums Northern Ireland.

National Museums Northern Ireland (NMNI) and its three properties – Ulster Museum, Ulster American Folk Park and the Ulster Folk & Transport Museum are a treasure trove for the imagination. It was our challenge to communicate the range of experiences on offer and entice the audience to 'start a journey with no end'.

Our approach was two-fold, first we had to reintroduce the wider organisation as NMNI had been out of the public eye for a period of time. This would be achieved through an intense burst of activity, encompassing national press, radio, social and sponsorship activity and where possible using disruptive formats within these channels. Second, we were fully aware of the competitive set in which NMNI operates, in effect they are an additional form of entertainment, an alternative 'days out' option fighting for the attention of families, their time and disposable income. We needed to communicate (quickly) the range and depth of experiences available and with thousands of artefacts on show across multiple exhibitions and collections; it would most certainly be a challenge.

We wanted our audience to step out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary world of NMNI. To do this, we needed to create that world, a world where one could explore the worlds of history, nature and art, enjoy a simpler time or experience an emigrant's journey as they set sail to the new world. Our creative focused on the idea that at NMNI you can open a door to your imagination and let it run wild. Our creative paid homage to the sights, sounds and physical experiences our audience could expect from a visit to a NMNI property, with our message amplified through disruptive press formats and 6 second teaser videos. Every time a door or drawer opens, or a prehistoric creature breaks through a hole in the page, there's a whole new world of wonder to explore.

From dinosaurs to DeLoreans, there's always more to see at National Museums Northern Ireland, visit for more.