Destination Marketing

National Trust

National Trust are a brilliant charity that look after Northern Ireland’s most amazing places and spaces…

…protecting them so everyone can enjoy them forever and ever. Which makes for some pretty marvellous projects. To date, we've raced snails, climbed trees, played, paddled and promoted, photographed the coast from dawn 'til dusk and proved that no one is ever too old for kicking autumn leaves.

Autumn Adventures

As part of seasonal campaigns we've met umpteen Outdoor Explorers and ticked off quite a few '50 things to do before you're 11 3/4'. We've helped plan autumn adventures, created interactive games and interviewed the chattiest, chirpiest children on the planet for radio, press ads and beyond.

Giant's Causeway Ticket Campaign

We worked with National Trust to create at atmospheric campaign inviting visitors to the Giant's Causeway during quieter times. The photography was geared at two very distinctive groups of people – the early birds and the night owls; proving that whatever your perfect time of day, it'll be better at the Giant's Causeway….