Moy Park – Championing homegrown greatness

In May, the Irish Open teed off in Northern Ireland, home of golfing giant Rory McIlroy - and poultry giant Moy Park.

Moy Park's sponsorship of the unmissable 2015 Irish Open gave us a chance to create the “Championinghomegrowngreatness" campaign.

The campaign too was unmissable, capturing visitors and locals alike. From Moy Park arches in the airports to banners enroute to the first hole, everyone got a taste of the sponsor's new homegrown products.

Never one to put all their eggs in one basket, we also created #DriveAnEggChallenge in aid of Cancer Fund for Children. While the tournament was in full swing, this hard-hitting social media challenge gave everyone the chance to get a slice of the action and have a crackin' time. We even created three unmistakable egg personas for McIlroy, Clarke and Fowler to ensure that the Irish Open 2015 and Moy Park were ineggstricably linked (oh, how we do love an egg pun!).