More individuals wanted? Make it even more individual.

When Deloitte Belfast expanded their operations in Northern Ireland last year, we produced a hugely successful recruitment campaign for them. So much so that one or two competitors produced campaigns that looked somehow familiar….

So this time we had to ramp things up a gear or two. Our message this time was that Deloitte recruit individuals with talent, drive and ambition and retain, respond to and reward that same individuality with opportunity, job satisfaction and a real team spirit.

Our journey took us further into the personalities that make up the workforce from a variety specialisms and age ranges. We brought them together, found out what made them tick, probed, pushed and prodded until they began to let their personalities shine and their enthusiasm for Deloitte bubble over. We filmed them talking, laughing, working and problem solving.

And then?

Then we threw paint at them and photographed it in beautiful detail. The message? When you come to work for Deloitte not only do you get something completely different but your own individuality is a seen as valued asset.

The films hit the social channels, the paint throwing hit the outdoor formats and Deloitte's competitors hit their heads in frustration.

Be individual. Be Deloitte.

Production: Street Monkey (

Photography: Rob Durston (