Mission Recycle

No one likes being dumped, feeling discarded and useless, when you have so much more to give. We stopped for a second to consider that our rubbish might just feel the same.

We challenged ourselves to decrease waste in the office by motivating our colleagues to kick-start good recycling habits. Our campaign needed to cut through dull recycling instructions, demanding a fresh perspective and a creative angle.

Teasing out the idea of 'dumping', we empowered our rubbish to tell us how it really feels to be thrown aside, through classic break-up lines with just the right amount of cliché. Our concept avoids making people feel guilty, although the pleading recyclable items gently tug on the heartstrings in a playful way.

Our helpful hints reinforce the message of recycling subtly, delivering friendly reminders at the right moments. Bin signage creates a clear division between general waste and recycling, taking the guess work out of what can and can't be treated as trash.

The quirky tone and vibrant colours, inspired by the look and feel of the office, draw people towards simple guidance. Combining witty language and simple icons, our campaign nudges people to be more considerate when dumping their rubbish and encourages them to recycle.