Masterfully Crafted, Marvellously Tasty

Moy Park's golden-crumbed, crispy-coated chicken creations are extraordinary on every level. Expertly created by master chefs, experience succulent chicken that's easy to prepare and bursting with taste.

Moy Park are all about taste, through our activity it was our challenge to communicate this most tantalising of senses. From the new pack designs to out of home, from social to experiential, we needed to stir the palette – crispy, crunchy, nom nom-able, scrumptious, drizzled, sizzled, juicy, tangy, spicy, a full flavourful explosion. We created this sense of taste through hunger inspiring photography and language executed on-pack and via out of home formats.

We all know breaded chicken is super easy to prepare, bang it in the oven, done! But it can be even more than super easy, it's marvellously tasty too! So throughout the campaign, we created mouth-watering inspirational recipe videos full of inspirational ideas for lunches, dinners and even snacks in-between!

But don't just take our word for it. We put it to the test and the let the experts decide – you! And there are no harsher critics than the little people in our lives or our 'Mini Tasters' as we like to call them. It's fair to say we passed the taste test, but who knew nuggets and goujons could be so fun and drive such thought provoking conversation:

And we hit the road, taking our tasting tour to Grafton Street, here's what our 'Dublin Tasters' made of our tasty chicken:

And of course our tour took us to Balmoral Show, where the Moy Park Marvellous Chicken Market offered scrumptious chicken goujons, crunchy mini fillets, hot and spicy nuggets, as well as a special edition '75 Slider' – a delicious mini chicken burger developed especially for Moy Park's big birthday. Alongside the Super-Duper Clucky Dip to win a year's supply of chicken.

Moy Park. Masterfully Crafty. Marvellously Tasty.