Little Rangers, Big Missions

Throughout summer, we’re reaching out to kids and encouraging them to drop the controller, pick up a butterfly net and see what they can discover in the gardens, woods and walks of National Trust properties.

Summer has been especially good to us this year. We teamed up with National Trust to make sure that families were making the most of it at some of Northern Ireland's most gorgeous places.

Our campaign centres on Little Rangers – kids who love to explore nature and support National Trust's mission of protecting beautiful places for ever, for everyone. We're engaging them through a press partnership with NI4Kids, wrapping the June edition in a cover that evoked a naturalist's field notes. Little Rangers were invited to take on Big Missions like discovering the mini-beasts that live in ponds, or spotting the rare red squirrels that find refuge in National Trust places.

We followed up with a social media and radio campaign that centres on a day out with some Little Rangers who were only too happy to get in front of the camera.

Their antics capture the fun and laughter that sums up being a Little Ranger.

There's a serious side to this work too, and it's summed up in our July NI4Kids double-page spread. We're showing kids that when they get involved at National Trust, they're helping to protect important insect species that pollinate the plants we rely on for food.

Our out-of-home campaign follows this lead, linking the activities on-site to the essential work that National Trust does to protect our environment. These messages are partnered with images that evoke the wonder of summer – Jurassic-sized plants and broad sunny vistas just waiting to be explored.

Keep an eye out for our weekly Big Missions by following National Trust on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and make sure you visit their site to get stuck into all the amazing activities that are coming up as this epic summer continues.