Driving signups to HughesDrive

How we helped Hughes Insurance attract young drivers (and their parents) to their new telematics app.

HughesDrive is a telematics-based car insurance product to help young drivers who could be priced out driving thanks to too-costly insurance, get on the road. With the HughesDrive app, your phone can register how fast you're driving, hard you're breaking, and smoothly you're cornering. It's a valuable resource for insurers and their customers because if drivers can use telematics to prove that they're reliable behind the wheel, then they should get cheaper insurance.

Hughes turned to AV Browne to help get the word out about this exciting new product. Our strategy was to target two broad but pretty different audiences – young drivers and their parents. We wanted young people to understand that they could save money upfront, get weekly rewards for safe driving, and enjoy the independence of being out on the road. The message? “Big savings and weekly rewards".

We wanted parents to know that HughesDrive promotes safe driving and offers upfront savings on a bill they may have to pay. Our message to them? “Safe driving and Big savings".

Leveraging the full palette of Hughes brand colours and vivid, striking images to cut through on social media – our rapid-cut, brash and bold video was a crucial asset on the younger audience's channels of choice.

We created a separate suite of materials targeting parents. This creative demonstrates how easy the app is to use and highlights how it promotes safe driving. Parents want to know their kids are in good hands – even when they become adults.

Parents and young drivers might have contrasting motivations when it comes to buying car insurance, but we helped Hughes connect with both markets in parallel.

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