Different Nights with Belfast One

We show the city centre is alive after 5!

The food is fresh, the beers are chilled, and the craic is mighty - so why go home straight from work when there's so much more to explore in Belfast?

We set out to highlight what goes on during the week to encourage people to stay after work to 'shop, dine or do.' Our approach was a two-week intense burst in which we showcased the huge range of happenings and places open for business in the Belfast One zone across social, digital, radio and print platforms.

Would you rather bob your head to the car radio or let your moves loose with live music tonight in Belfast? We asked commuters the same thing with rush hour radio ads broadcast while probably stuck in traffic.

During the campaign we had a strong social presence sharing user generated content of real-life experiences to appeal to the FOMO within. As most of us are glued to our phones for some time over our lunch break we took this chance to retarget those in the city centre with some great cocktails offers, meal deals and live performances happening that night.

Meanwhile Instagram was being taken over by influencers who were showing viewers their favourite spots to meet up with friends over a coffee, cocktail or pint.

Why not stay a wee while longer in Belfast tonight and sample what this great city has to offer for yourself? Plan your own different night at http://belfastone.co.uk/shop-do-dine/