Deloitte - Individuals Wanted

Real insight, real people and a really effective recruitment campaign. Apply here.

When Deloitte Belfast expanded their operations in Northern Ireland, we were asked to help with a local recruitment campaign. With hundreds of positions to fill, they needed talented staff with personality and drive, just like the diverse individuals that make up their existing team. 'Individuals' became the cornerstone of the campaign creative which featured the real people who currently work at Deloitte.

We commissioned photography to capture the individualism of their staff in the unique environment that exists at Deloitte Belfast. We sought to challenge outdated perceptions of the business and communicate the real face of the company - corporate yet vibrant, global yet close-knit, serious yet playful.

The call to action – 'Individuals Wanted' - is simple and readily campaignable across out of home (OOH) including Adshels, radio and digital activity.