BBC Bitesize - Learning for Life and Work

We have recently worked with BBC Bitesize to produce a compelling programme of study which aims to empower students with independent thinking and decision making skills when faced with personal, social, economic and employment issues.

When BBC Bitesize needed a programme of study for GCSE Learning for Life and Work we jumped at the chance to supply innovative and engaging learning resources, uniquely tailored for 14-16 year olds in Northern Ireland.

Dealing with issues that this audience might find patronising or ridiculous (sex, alcohol, drugs, relationships, health) or extremely boring (government, employment, money) wasn't going to be an easy one. To do this successfully we had to incorporate humour and attitude along with references to popular teenage content. The content couldn't be patronising, try too hard, or crucially, look like something that their parents would read.

Working closely with the BBC Learning team, as well as education professionals and the Learning for Life and Work Chief Examiner, we brought our own professional experience in higher and further education to create 18 study guides for this new GCSE.

Each section comprised of to-the-point revision notes, a challenging unit quiz and a helpful summary infographic – all centred around a piece of memorable and entertaining animated content.

We developed a range of infographics for each chapter, designed within the BBC house style. Each infographic further explains some of the key issues, helping visual learners to better understand the main points from each of the revision chapters.

While the infographics were completed within the BBC house style, the animations allowed for more freedom and storytelling across a huge variety of subject matters. We created a simple, but engaging style that could flex for different topics, from sexual health and entrepreneurship, to government and the Kardashians.

We used music that put the audience in their comfort zone, and voices like comedian Shane Todd – someone they recognise and can relate to. We also worked with actor Adrian Dunbar to bring a little more gravitas to some of the topics. Our simple little characters created a world that was relatable but separate enough to avoid any cringe factor, allowing for a bit of humour along the way. We tested everything with school pupils throughout the process, ensuring that the content was engaging, entertaining, and most of all, useful when it comes to revising for exams.

Over the next couple of months all of this content will launch in advance of the next academic year. You can see all the content once it's live over at the BBC Bitesize website.