Allinson’s – sharing their passion for bread

Allinson’s believe in nothing but the best: the best ingredients, the best quality, and the best taste. We helped them to share this passion with a revamped website.

With over 100 years of bread-making expertise, Allinson's is a brand that's rich in heritage and history. But this year, they decided to take a fresh approach with new packaging, new branding and a new website:

The objective of the site was to create excitement for the brand amongst consumers and to demonstrate the care and attention taken by Allinson's bakers in creating batch-baked, delicious loaves.

Our role was to design the site, provide optimised content, and shoot new photography to show off Allinson's premium, wholesome range.

We undertook a photoshoot of the range being used in a variety of ways – sandwiches stuffed with hearty and healthy ingredients, or stacked high with delicious and wholesome toppings.

The photography style was warm and appetising, including a range of textures. Low, defused lighting added a touch of drama.

The result is unique imagery which showcases the flavoursome range, and demonstrates the superiority of Allinson's products.

With phase one of the website now live, we're moving on to the next stage: continuing to boost traffic with exiting new content. Watch this space for the launch of an engaging content hub in the coming weeks.

Check out the new site: