The Future of Work


Deloitte Belfast are looking to the future for their workforce – so we were tasked with producing a recruitment campaign to seek out these future-focused future-employees for them.

Our first question was, what does the future look like? AI, robotics, gig economy, augmented workforce ... ? Where could we find the inside track?

We sought out some 'future experts' and quizzed them on what they thought the future would look like – and then we helped Deloitte re-imagine what was possible.

Driven by the 'experts' free thinking, we were forced to reconsider how jobs are designed, what could be possible, and to take learnings for the future, and then helped Deloitte to show the public and their potential future colleagues, what the future of work at Deloitte could indeed look like by bringing some of the 'experts' visions, into reality.

See a short teaser clip below and watch the full video here.