How do you train your dragon?


We need some help as our dragons have gone on the loose. It may have been a damp past couple of days in Belfast, but things sure did heat up over the weekend.

In case you haven't heard, the famous willow dragons escaped from the Ulster Museum this past Friday evening and have been leaving their indelible mark at various locations around Belfast!

From Bedford St. to Stranmillis to the Cathedral Quarter, locals have been capturing signs of the forked-tongued friends, some as they fly high above the city, but one pair of late night revellers got a little too close for comfort as the above video shows...

Where will they end up? Who knows, but they seem to be taking a liking to the dome at Victoria Square, where it is believed they have been contained. Perhaps they're after a bargain.

We created this social activity for National Museums Northern Ireland to promote that the willow dragons and numerous other artefacts will be on show as part of the Victoria Square Museum, running from the 1st – 28th August.

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