Dippy the Dinosaur reaches his destination!


After a press launch tonight, Dippy the Diplodocus the famous dinosaur from London's Natural History Museum will finally meet his public from tomorrow morning, 28 September, at Belfast's Ulster Museum.

We're delighted to have been part of his welcoming party and are really looking forward to meeting him and finding out the answers to lots of natural history conundrums whilst we are there. Like, why are there so few dinosaur fossils in Ireland. Where are they all? And why aren't there any snakes or moles in Ireland?

You'll be able to join Dippy until 6 January, as he learns from the Ulster Museum's Dr Mike Simms about how Ireland's location, geological and climate history have shaped what we see now.

Dippy will explore how Ireland's landscapes have changed dramatically since the time of the dinosaurs, find out about extinct monsters from the Ice Age, and discover that Ireland is now home to unfamiliar plants and animals that live nowhere else.

We reckon Dippy will be in big demand, so you'll need to pre-book your tickets

Hope to see you there!