Creating the Magical World of National Trust


Summer may be over for another year, but Autumn is packed full of colour, outdoor adventure and magical moments. So, there's still plenty of opportunity to go outdoor exploring – from crunchy leaf walks, picking blackberries as you go, to epic conker battles. National Trust wants to help people make the most of this special time of year and to get outdoors and enjoy the places and spaces for which they care. But how do you convey the sheer variety of special places? Simple. Bring your world right to the people to experience it for themselves!

As part of Belfast's Culture Night celebration, we asked the public to 'Step into a Magical World' of National Trust which we built right in the heart of the city - on the lawn of Belfast City Hall. We knew we had to go all out, and create something that would not only capture the imagination of our visitors, but one highly sharable, raising awareness for the conservation charity. With berries and blooms you'd find in an autumnal hedgerow, and objectives of curiosity more at home in the Big House, this autumnal pod was the ultimate capture for the Gram on Culture Nigh

With hundreds crossing the threshold, new members a plenty and moments shared, we think we succeeded.

So pull on your wellyboots and create unforgettable moments this autumn at National Trust NI events, spaces and places. For full listings visit