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Social Media Roundup | Summer 2021

Hot. A word linked to both internet trends and climate. This summer it has become a talking point for many of us due to the heatwaves in the UK and around the world, but even when there are record breaking temperatures, social media shows no signs of cooling off. If you’re burning to know the latest important info, our roundup has insights about the essential social news from the summer months.

YouTube Launches Shorts Worldwide

When it comes to the history of the internet, YouTube has for many years been hailed as *the* video sharing platform. Whilst other video apps have come and gone, the meteoric rise of TikTok is the first to be of significant competition for YouTube. TikTok is typified by its quick, entertaining content, creating big demand for shorter videos. To fight back YouTube have launched a beta of ‘Shorts’ a tab dedicated to short-form videos. In many ways, this feature is a direct duplicate of TikTok. However, Shorts have been proven to be extremely valuable, with reports of Shorts receiving a staggering ‘6.5 billion daily views’. It appears that YouTube isn’t ready to lose out to Tik Tok just yet.

Twitter Erases Fleets feature

In less than a year since its launch, Twitter have chosen to withdraw its temporary content option ‘Fleets’. The micro-blogging platform first introduced Fleets in November 2020 to rival Instagram and Snapchat stories with content appearing on at the top of a page,strongly encouraging interaction before it vanishes after 24 hours. Fleets functioned in the same way as stories yet unfortunately failed to garner the same level of popularity. According to Twitter, the cut was due to few users ‘joining the conversation’ with Fleets. For social media marketers, there is a positive gain to be had, whilst Fleets are gone (and already forgotten) Twitter is looking into possible additional vertical full screen ads in future.

Facebook Loudly Introduces Soundmojis

On July 16th, known to some as ‘World Emoji Day’ (although to whom remains unclear) Facebook unveiled new and engaging ‘Soundmojis’ on its communication app Messenger. In a mirrored style to emojis, soundmojis invite users to play around with mini sound clips in chats, using sound to say what you mean. Facebook also launched a sound library containing an array of sounds to have fun with, including evil laughter, drum rolls, and clapping. You can even use audio clips from musicians and popular shows – FINALLY you can use use ‘Bridgerton’ as a response in conversation. It’ll be interesting to what extent users will catch on to Soundmojis and whether soundbites can speak louder than words.

Stories Drafts Are Finally on Instagram

Since their launch 2016, Instagram stories have been frequently shared by its image-sharing users. This July, Instagram has unboxed new function, to save stories as drafts for future uploading. Whether you are a social media novice or marketer, drafting stories will be a key tool for anyone wanting to schedule content. Notably, this feature carries a small caveat: Instagram has revealed that drafts are only saved for seven days before disappearing. Even preparing stories in advance won’t stop them disappearing forever, or until you find them in your archive.

TikToks Latest Addition to Advertising

This month has seen the launch of a new ad format on TikTok, dubbed ‘Spark Ads’. The USP of these ads is that they combine advertising with native content already on the app. When scrolling through TikTok, videos are typically disrupted by ads, which can create a negative impact on user experience. With Sparks ads, users will instead see a brand’s existing organic videos promoted as native advertising. The aim is that by weaving native advertising into organic video feed, it avoids interrupting user experience, increasing interaction and boosting brand awareness – an ad template that is destined to be popular amongst marketers.

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