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No Grey Zone

AV Browne has created a new campaign for the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) and their collaborator agencies, with the aim of educating young people about sexual consent.

Entitled “No Grey Zone”, our brief was to directly engage the snapchat generation of 16-28 year old to encourage the understanding of the types of behaviour that will be treated as sexual assault unless consent has been granted – and to encourage reporting of sexual assault.

It also calls for clear communication, explaining what constitutes both verbal and non-verbal consent.


Our creative approach is bold and unambiguous and designed with social media in mind, as that’s where the target market ‘live’. We also very deliberately steered away from showing ‘victims’ or ‘perpetrators’ to ensure there was no risk of the viewer not identifying and so the risk of indifference – was eliminated.

We’re delighted that the campaign message has been supported by prosecutors, sexual violence charities and student unions at both Ulster University and Queen’s University, Belfast. Find out more at