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Social Media Round Up | February 2021

Are you searching for the latest social media news? Or befuddled by what’s happening online? We’ve made it easy for you to be up to date with a social media roundup. Enjoy our guide to everything social this month.

Get Your News Fix… on Facebook?

Following Twitter and Reddit, Facebook is the newest social media platform to launch a ‘news’ page for UK users. The new ‘tab’ will feature articles from over 400 publishers, with users encouraged to personalise their news feed by stating which articles and news providers they love – or don’t. Facebook aims for this feature to link current publishers with new audiences, creating more opportunities for advertising while supporting the journalism industry. Who knew that spying on your friends Facebook profiles doesn’t count as ‘real’ news?

YouTube gets trendy with hashtag discoveries.

Yes hashtags, the feature that most of us weren’t aware was on YouTube, has just been given a digital overhaul. Previously hashtags were employed on the video-sharing platform as a way of finding related content. By clicking a hashtag, it would lead through to videos and other content similar to the hashtag. Since it’s reboot, hashtags have become a discovery tool, allowing creators to view popular videos for each hashtag topic and other hashtags that could be relevant to their content. For marketers, this is also a resource for understanding what style of content, thumbnails and creators are performing best under each hashtag.

Pinterest’s Gives Ecommerce a Virtual Makeover

It’s an ‘a la mode’ development for e-commerce. Pinterest has launched an augmented reality (AR) makeup booth for eyeshadows. Through face-scanning technology users are encouraged to experiment with a carousel of eyeshadows from brands including Urban Decay, YSL and Lancôme. This is the second AR makeup venture by Pinterest, joining a lipstick try-on feature which grew to 10,000 shades in just one year. The dazzling result? Pinterest users can save, browse and buy the real eyeshadow shades – all without visiting a physical store. A unanimous victory for beauty fans everywhere.


Instagram’s Newest Tool to Amplify Account Presence

This month, Instagram revealed their new ‘Professional Dashboard’ tool to offer creators better insight into their account’s performance on the app. According to Instagram, this software will support creators and businesses in meeting their goals, whether it be establishing an Instagram shop or posting branded content. The dashboard gifts creators with three instaworthy benefits: First is the ability for creators to monitor their account’s performance with Instagram trends and insights. Secondly, creators can now check their eligibility for account monetization with an innovative tool. Finally, Instagram is offering cultivated resources for creators to receive information and guidance. Marketers can celebrate – a tool to track performance and maximise presence all in one!

Listen Up! Spotify Brings Podcast Ads to the UK

In news that’s music to advertisers’ ears – Spotify has finally launched podcast advertising in the UK. The new ad technology will offer advertisers the option to place pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll ads within a singular podcast. The ad placements can be booked through individual titles. What’s more, Spotify has upped their voiceover talent, allowing selected podcast hosts to lend their voice to podcast ads.


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